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Nowadays I have a pretty solid handle on webpack, babel, and other related tools, but it took me a long time to get here. The entire Node ecosystem, including its meta tools (essentially all the devDependencies), were really tough for me to grasp.

The interplay between browser, server, and developer-run javascript can still get me caught out sometimes.


I find myself having a hard time switching to the React toolchain. The concept of needing a preprocessor for your HTML/js before it can be opened by a browser really bothers me. One of the best things about web development imho was that code would just run as-is in the browser.

Or maybe I'm just getting old.


Check out videos of React Advanced meetup London from a couple of months ago. There was a guy who showed that you can do pretty much the same thing without any preprocessing now that modern browsers support most of the features in React. Things will hopefully get simpler again as older browsers fall away



For anybody that can relate to this thread, that is an amazingly well put together article that helps with understanding different pieces of the modern front-end dev world...


Oh wow, that's an excellent resource.

I absolutely love learning the "why" behind everything, and that post does a great job of covering it all. Thanks for the recommendation!


Interplay between browser and server still confuses me. Any articles on figuring this out would be appreciated - what's served to browser, run on server, how does this get setup?

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