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Discussion on: Adding Prettier to a Project

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Mirko Vukušić

Youre just not reading at all. Me atacking people using Prettier?! Where? Can you quote me? Im pretty sure Im just replying to people who attack me for not using it or saying anything agains it.

But you just keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. Except one thing... Why is it not ok to comment on article about XYZ setup and state that there are better alternatives sometimes? Are there any community or moral standards about it? If comments like this were not allowed on I'm pretty sure I wouldn't read it at all. What is the point of single-sided views of any article and censorship on comments that disageree?

Then again you relate my comments to article excluaively while I told like 3 times to read the thread and the context. Article will not paint that picture I mentioned to a newbee! Comments I replied to, including yours, will.

Last thing Ill try to correct one more time is this long talk about Prettier benefits. I agree with every single one of them, and because of some of them, I use Prettier sometimes. But your view on it is single-sided and mentions no downsides, ever! Like it is a no brainer and universally better. And if anybody disagrees youre there to correct it and name them single devs or the ones that don't care about the formatting. It like religion.
But in reality it has compromises like anything else and you should waight pros and contras for each different implementation/situation. Prettier is far from universaly accepted as a standard, forums about it are far from peaceful, it is completely incorrect to say it can be configured any way u want, etc. Nothing like your comments (and some other) describe it. It's a compromise which is sometimes not worth it compared to other methods, and sometimes is worth it. So stop blaming it on devs or their setup exclusively, if they dont like it.

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Piotr Lewandowski • Edited on

Oh dear, that escalated quickly.... Small hint for you guys: if you cannot discuss things in internet in polite manner take some offline hobby instead, I don't know, grow carrots, or something? :) And come back here only when you grow up? :)

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Mirko Vukušić

@piotrlewandowski , I did that very, very long time ago. Might say the same, but it would be personal insult and is not my style. I admit to be passionate in discussions, as any average Mediterranean is, but not personal. Closest to that I came was saying "you don't read" after being acused for the same. On the other hand, I was treated with stuff like "solo dev", not wanting to write consistent code, being to shallow to get sarcasm,... and now to be a kid that needs to grow up.

Enough said in this thread. For the sake of the few reading this long thread,... Why/when not Prettier? If you have small enough team and are willing to setup your own formatting standards you can agree on them and implement them with tools like Eslint or your langserver: autofix formatting, do it on save, require it on commit, etc. You may spend more time configuring but decissions about formatting standards will not be taken away from your team and almost the same consistency can be achieved. In example, if you want to allow matrix style layout for props/params sometimes, or 'hide' some repeating long lines of code to avoid scrolling down to more important stuff, etc... you might find that Prettier code is not allways prettier nor more efficient to manage. The bigger your team is, or more diversified, ... opinionated formatters will be more usable. You'll win some and loose some but in general win will be bigger.
But again, for small(er) teams, at least run some of your projects through Prettier and see if it causes more frustration than it cuts down formatting inconsistencies, compared to non-opinionated tools like Eslint.