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In one of our project we went through code directly and that was annoying there was no on boarding documentation for us.
We decided to create the documentation for our team to get started with project.
But we don't have 'This is how we work' documentation.
I personally thing it's a really good idea to have 'this is how we work' documentation.

  1. C#, React, ASP.NET CORE, Microsoft Azyue, Azure Devops
  2. Project architecture and how to to get started with pre-requisite of setting up your local env.
  3. Design pattern used, blogs link for more in depth learning
  4. Developers are comfortable of the underlying technology and framework used end to end. So that they can learn something they are not comfortable with.
  5. Maintenance of documentation is something where I personally felt we are failing because the documentation is stale sometimes and team doesn't update the documentation as part of development.

Thank you for sharing this!

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