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Discussion on: Which software/app you recommend for designing web sites?

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As a person coming from a print design, 3d modeling and product design/plm background now turned web developer, I really liked figma specially when I theoretically need to share the workload with someone else. The collaboration features are really nice for the pricetag.

In the real world, tough, I work alone in the UI/UX and what I need figma for is mainly to produce mockups to attach to the requirements to be sent to the developers when working on native or mobile apps or just show my clients how their websites are going to look or illustrate functionalities before signing a contract.

In those scenarios I find that nothing allow me to work faster than Adobe illustrator. I really work super fast there.

Instead, if I'm working on personal projects I usually start with a rough mockup always in Illustrator to organize my ideas and as soon as I get them straight I go directly to my text editor and start coding my UI with html/css/js

Another really interesting tool is balsamiq mockups. Way better than illustrator if you need to illustrate your requirements.