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πŸ›‘πŸ›‘ How to Learn Automation Testing for Beginners?

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In this video, We are discussing How to Learn Automation Testing and what the best ways to learn automation testing for beginners?

Automation Testing Tutorial for Beginners

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βœ… Ways to learn Automation Testing?

  • 1. Understand the life cycle of Automation Testing?
  • 2. Read Books about the automation testing?
  • 3. Have a clear understanding what to test and what not to test?
  • 4. Select a Right Automation TOOL
  • 5. Use pattern and generic code that is not effected by Selector or UI Changes
  • 6. If possible use API Testing instead End to End UI Testing Cases
  • 7. Invest in yourself buy online courses TheTestingAcademy.com CodeAcademy.com Udemy.com Coursera.com edX Codewars Khan Academy
  • 8. Fork the automation projects and play with them and implement stuff from that repo.

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