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Discussion on: Bookmarklets - The Ultimate Web Tools - What they are and how to make them.

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Bookmarklets make my workday so much quicker. I use them for scraping and formatting HTML from pages for emails I need to send, shortcuts to open URLs with predictable URL structures (use JS inputs to enter some values), etc.

One "flaw" with bookmarklets is when you need to do any edits/changes to them. They are one long string that is hard to edit. I built a tool to help with this. It's a website editor interface for writing the bookmarklet code. It then generates the bookmarklet link that can be drug to the bookmark bar.

More importantly though, is if edits are needed, a URL is appended to the bookmarklet. Edit the bookmarklet, copy and open this URL in the browser, and the bookmarklet is reloaded - beautified - in the editor. Make necessary edits and version number updates, and generate a new version of the bookmarklet.