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Why do you like or dislike Python?

I love the community. I love the Python way. They say it's the second best language for anything, which I think is pretty accurate. When I do any experimentation I usually jump for the Python REPL.

I dislike its handling of async stuff. I worked with Twisted and then Eventlet/gevent for specialized servers and network stuff. Moving to Go was great because it borrowed a lot from the Python way, but async was built-in and very ergonomic. Also, I'm finally sold on typed languages.

What have you built with Python and why was it the lang of choice?

We built a lot of the distributed systems management code at Twilio with Python. I don't think I'd do that again, instead opting for Go. I remember dealing with performance issues just parsing strings in Python. Not something most people will run into, but at scale in a high performance environment, it matters.

We did a lot of web apps with it, too. It used to be that because of Twisted, Python was the only good high level language for servers. A lots changed, but I still think Python is a good general purpose interpreted language.

Django yes/no? Preferred framework?

If you're building a big app or a CMS, probably. I always worked on smaller stuff so I ended up mostly using Flask.

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