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End-to-End Tutorial on Combining AWS Lambda, Docker, and Python

AWS Lambda recently added support for Docker images with Python, where before you had to zip all your code and dependencies. With this update I wanted to make a full length tutorial to cover everything necessary to be productive.

The playlist is broken into six parts:

  1. An introduction to the app that will be built and the various AWS components that will be used
  2. Cloning the GitHub repo and doing necessary setup to test the application locally
  3. Creating a Docker image of the Python script and running it on AWS Lambda, while also showing how painful it is to do even minor updates
  4. Adding CI/CD with GitHub Actions to speed up code updates
  5. Adding AWS Cloudwatch to create a cron job that schedules the Lambda function to run on periodic intervals
  6. Walking through an AWS Cloudformation yaml template that will create the Lambda function and Cloudwatch rule automatically and covering all the benefits of using a Cloudformation template

This tutorial truly is end-to-end. If you enjoy the content, you can help me a ton by doing any or all of the following:

Any questions or requests, just leave a comment.

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