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Discussion on: I need help finding a game development engine…

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You should use VS CODE it supports almost all the languages

Here is a list of VS CODE supported languages :-

  1. C++.
  2. C#.
  3. CSS.
  4. Dart.
  5. Dockerfile.
  6. F#.
  7. Go.
  8. HTML.
  9. Java.
  10. JavaScript.
  11. JSON.
  12. Less.
  13. Markdown.
  14. PHP.
  15. PowerShell.
  16. Python.
  17. SCSS.
  18. T-SQL.
  19. TypeScript.
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Dev-Codes Author

Like @superfola said, Visual Studio Code is a place to run and debug code. It’s for making sure your script works, not a game engine.

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Alexandre Plateau

Visual Studio Code isn't a game engine, thus not what OP asked for.

@devgm1 I would go with Godot if I were you, because it's a lot more beginner friendly compared to Unreal Engine

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Dev-Codes Author

Thank you!