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Discussion on: Participating in a Hackathon? Want to? Read this!

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Pranith Hengavalli

Hackathons are an event that I participate in multiple times a year and deeply cherish.

It's really hard otherwise to find:

  • a great venue with excellent logistics and resources (hardware components, internet, etc) available
  • an environment full of really smart participants and mentors all looking to build cool stuff
  • free (sometimes gourmet) meals served a few feet away from your hacking table
  • time set aside to work on something with no direct "business value" but possibility of great rewards
  • lots of free stuff

all in one place, on a Saturday night. Way more fun than being in a bar imo.

In Bangalore I've seen hackathon culture on the rise, with companies regularly having open hacks in their corporate premises to drive innovation. They usually have some experimental tech to promote but it's quite fair because we have a great time learning to work with that tech as well as whatever surrounds it.

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Chris Bertrand Author

Totally Pranith, this one was actually organised by our employers. It's multi faceted from an organisations point of view. It builds rapport between team members, gives the ability to showcase ideas that one may have, and also shows how people are progressing within the department.

It's a tricky thing to organise, and requires a lot of effort from multiple individuals, but I think is a worthwhile endeavour.

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