Submission: GoNotify: WhatsApp messages as a Service

prmsrswt profile image Prem Kumar ・2 min read

What I built

GoNotify is a service that can be used to send notifications to yourself in the form of WhatsApp messages. For example, you can use this to send yourself notifications if a build fails in the CI, etc. This service extracts out the logic behind maintaining various contacts, managing them into groups, and sending them messages. GoNotify provides you with a simple WebUI and API to manage the phone numbers and groups, and send them notifications.

Category Submission: Engaging Engagements

GoNotify can easily be leveraged by a business to send notifications to its customers and employees without much hassle.

Demo Link

A demo is hosted on https://gonotify.xyz.

Important Note: To be able to receive messages over WhatsApp using https://gonotify.xyz, you would need to join the Twilio WhatsApp sandbox first.

You can join the sandbox easily by using this link https://wa.me/14155238886?text=join%20including-tin

Sandbox QR
Or by scanning this QR code on your phone.

Link to Code

The code is hosted on my GitHub profile.

GitHub logo prmsrswt / gonotify

A web service that lets you send yourself WhatsApp messages serving as notifications

How I built it

I started learning Go recently and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to gain some good experience with the language. It was pretty challenging and fun. I used Gin as it seemed like a mature web framework to me. The front-end was built using ReactJS as I am quite familiar with it.

Some Screenshots



Additional Resources/Info

Additional details can be found in this Project's README


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