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Top 10 Most Downloaded Themes Of Vscode In 2021

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Visual Studio Code Has Grown Insanely For ITs PowerFul Features And Being Light Weight Code Editor. IT Comes With Some Cool Default Themes But If You Are Like Me Who Is Great Fan OF IT's Dark Themes Then Vscode Has Got Some The Most Beautiful Themes.

Here I Am Sharing Top 10 Most Popular Vscode Themes.

Alt Text

9.Ayu Theme
Alt Text

8.One Monokai
Alt Text

7.Night Owl
Alt Text

6.Shades Of Purple
Alt Text

5.Winter Is Coming
Alt Text

4.Atom One Dark
Alt Text

3.Dracula Official
Alt Text

2.Material Theme
Alt Text

1.One Dark Pro
Alt Text

Check I Made Also Video Version Of This Article

Let Me Know Which IS Your Favorite Theme And Are You Dark Theme Fan Or Light Theme ?

Thank You :)
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