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re: The day I heard someone talk about "Native Javascript" I realised the level of idiocy to which front end web development has come. I guess that's w...

We all have anecdotes about people who have said stupid things. I've met some extremely incompetent back-end developers too.

But if you genuinely believe that all front-end development is idiotic then you're a bit out of touch. Maybe try to find a community of serious front-end developers and open a dialogue with them instead of just writing them off as mere "coders". You might just learn a thing or two :)


WOW!... You missed the point completely... That was no anecdote: there is a whole host of people talking about "Native Javascript".
Plus, when I say "some people" I expect you to interpret this as "some people" and not "everyone". It never occurred to me that I would have to explain this to anyone.
Try learning a bit of English. You might just figure out a thing or two.

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