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re: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework VIEW POST

re: What about the people on my team who aren't as experienced? Do we only use tools that the lowest common denominator understands? I think it's mor...

You're missing my point. MVC was just one example. Also you created a false dichotomy: picking tools that only the best and brightest understand is not what I'm arguing for.

Should we as a team avoid using React simply because someone on the team isn't a JavaScript expert yet? Or is it better to just roll our own view rendering library?

The argument has no logic to it. Yes I agree that throwing some monolith framework at every problem you encounter is not a good idea, but that's a far cry from "don't waste your time with express, just do your own http!"

As Graham Lyons pointed out you might as well be advocating that we simply write everything in machine code.

Call your article 'learn the basics before adopting a framework' or something.

Oh really? What else should do the author of this brilliant writing? Is he allowed to use non-existing autocar.js.manifest.nightmare filename?

Hand-waving that "all frameworks are shit and should be avoided by everyone at all costs" is unproductive and not likely to convince anyone.

I believe this writing implies the reader has the sense of humour and an ability to understand puns and exaggerations.

Ok so now he was just exaggerating when he said that nobody should use web frameworks?

EDIT: I don't have a problem with humor and hyperbole. The problem here is that the author sends inconsistent messages as to who should use frameworks and why.


Frameworks are all terrible. All of them. I'm serious - they are making you all into bad developers. Stop using them now.

READ: Frameworks are terrible and should be avoided. (no jokes)

"You don't need to reinvent the wheel" is fine under two conditions:

  • you know how a wheel works
  • you know how this wheel works
  • this wheel doesn't come with a whole bunch of crap you'll never use
  • you only want a wheel

READ Frameworks are OK to use if you know what you're doing and you've picked the right tool for the job at hand

The problem here is that the author sends inconsistent messages [...]

I do not see any problem here. He is an author. Write your own article and send consistent messages only.

READ Frameworks are OK to use [...]

Here is the thing: there is no one single framework in the universe that suits all of these four conditions.

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