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Vue3 Sidebar

primetek profile image PrimeTek ・1 min read

Vue3 Sidebar is a panel component displayed as an overlay at the edges of the screen.
It supports Vue 3 with PrimeVue 3 and Vue 2 with PrimeVue 2.


Refer to PrimeVue setup documentation for download and installation steps for your environment such as Vue CLI, Vite or browser.


import Sidebar from 'primevue/sidebar';
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Getting Started

Sidebar is used as a container and visibility is controlled with the visible property that requires a v-model two-way binding.

<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleLeft">

<Button icon="pi pi-arrow-right" @click="visibleLeft = true" />
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Sidebar can either be located on the left (default), right, top or bottom of the screen depending on the position property.

<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleRight" position="right">
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Sidebar size can be changed using a fixed value or using one of the three predefined ones.

<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleLeft" class="p-sidebar-sm"></Sidebar>
<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleLeft" class="p-sidebar-md"></Sidebar>
<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleLeft" class="p-sidebar-lg"></Sidebar>
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Full Screen

Full screen mode allows the sidebar to cover whole screen.

<Sidebar v-model:visible="visibleFull" position="full">
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Sidebar supports various themes featuring Material, Bootstrap, Fluent as well as your own custom themes via the Designer tool.


Visit the PrimeVue Sidebar showcase for demos and documentation.

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