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React Captcha

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React Captcha is a form validation component based on Recaptcha.


Refer to PrimeReact setup documentation for download and installation steps for your environment.


import { Captcha } from 'primereact/captcha';
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Getting Started

Captcha is used with a siteKey and a callback to verify the response.

<Captcha siteKey="YOUR_SITE_KEY" onResponse={showResponse}></Captcha>
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In order to ensure if a response token is valid, verification against recaptcha api needs to be done at backend. Read more at official documentation.

const showResponse = (response) => {
//call to a backend to verify against recaptcha with private key
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In addition, include the captcha widget resource to your page.

<script src="" async defer></script>
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Captcha supports various themes featuring Material, Bootstrap, Fluent as well as your own custom themes via the Designer tool.


Visit the PrimeReact Captcha showcase for demos and documentation.

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