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PrimeVue is Back with 3.4.0

primetek profile image PrimeTek ・1 min read

PrimeVue is back with a new major release. Version 3.4.0 brings the all-new TreeSelect component, loading buttons, enhanced overlay teleports, built-in zIndex layering and numerous maintenance improvements targeting Vue 3.


TreeSelect is a new addition to the suite, it is basically a form component to choose from hierarchical data.


Buttons have received loading functionality in addition to templating support.


Overlays have been greatly enhanced with the built-in zIndex layering and improved Teleport functionality. In addition to the existing "body" keyword that teleports to overlay to document body, 3.4.0 adds support for "self" that keeps the overlay within the element.


View the Changelog for a complete list of the changes.


PrimeVue is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Amazing new features and improvements are planned for the near future roadmap of PrimeVue. View the official roadmap for details.

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