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PrimeReact 6.4.0 Released with VirtualScrolling

PrimeTek is a world renowned vendor of popular UI Component suites including PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeReact and PrimeVue. For any inquires please use to contact us.
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PrimeTek is pleased to announce the availability of PrimeReact 6.4.0 featuring VirtualScroll, Chart Components update, various enhancements and quality improvements.

The New VirtualScroll

The new VirtualScroll mode is the most efficient way when dealing with huge datasets as it provides performant rendering for AutoComplete, Dropdown, MultiSelect and Listbox.

Enhanced PrimeReact Charts
PrimeReact 6.4.0 begins with major enhancements to chart components to get the functionalities of the latest version of Chart.js.

Visit Changelog for more information about the improvements.

PrimeReact is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.

Our focus now shifts to accessibility enhancements to make PrimeReact even better, stay tuned and..

Always Bet on Prime!

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