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Angular InputMask

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Angular InputMask component is used to enter input in a certain format such as numeric, date, currency and phone.


Refer to PrimeNG setup documentation for download and installation steps for your environment.


import {InputMaskModule} from 'primeng/inputmask';
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Getting Started

Component is defined using p-inputMask element with a mask and two-way value binding is enabled with standard ngModel directive.

<p-inputMask [(ngModel)]="val" mask="99-9999"></p-inputMask>
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Mask format can be a combination of the the following built-in definitions.

  • a - Alpha character (defaut: A-Z,a-z)
  • 9 - Numeric character (0-9)
  • * - Alpha numberic character (A-Z,a-z,0-9)
<p-inputMask [(ngModel)]="val" mask="a*-999-a999"></p-inputMask>
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You can also define your own regex pattern for alpha character

<p-inputMask [(ngModel)]="val" mask="99-aa" characterPattern="[А-Яа-я]"></p-inputMask>
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Underscore is the default placeholder for a mask and this can be customized using slotChart option.

<p-inputMask [(ngModel)]="val" mask="99-9999" slotChar=" "></p-inputMask>
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Optional Values

If the input does not complete the mask definition, it is cleared by default. Use autoClear property to control this behavior. In addition, certain part of a mask can be made optional by using ? symbol where anything after the question mark becomes optional.

Model Driven Forms

InputMask can be used in a model driven form as well.

<p-inputMask formControlName="username" mask="(999) 999-9999? x99999"></p-inputMask>
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InputMask supports various themes featuring Material, Bootstrap, Fluent as well as your own custom themes via the Designer tool.


Visit the PrimeNG InputMask showcase for demos and documentation.

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