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How to Learn Python as a Beginner?

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Python is one of the most loved programming languages. Companies including Google, Uber, Instagram have based their applications on Python language.

Being an easy to learn language, beginners are often suggested to start their programming career with Python. And having uses in Machine Learning & Data Science has made Python an important language to start with.

Now if you will ask people about learning to code they would most probably suggest you go with an online course. When students start with something new they have so many queries in mind and sometimes they are not even sure if they can carry on with the thing they are starting.

So it would be better for them to go with some free Python courses and check if this is something they can base their career on. And if you find that basic overview suits your interest then you can go with any paid course of your choice.

Finding free resources in this digital world is no big deal. There are tons of online stuff that can give you everything you will ever need for your career. You only need to focus and concentrate on learning.

Some Websites That Can Give You Free Python Courses

  1. Udemy: One of the most popular online learning platform.

  2. SoloLearn: Having so many free resources for teaching coding to students.

  3. Alison: Provides free courses in multiple dimensions.

  4. Real Python: Interactive Python guides and resources for both beginners and intermediate programmers.

  5. Python Tricks: Providing so many tutorials for learning Python from scratch.

These resources are enough for getting your basics clear and get a hold on the fundamentals of Python. After that, you can switch on to some paid training courses for further polishing your programming skills.

Programming is not a one day job and for being a better programmer you will have to keep yourself updated with all the latest updates and trends.

And one more interesting to share is that you don't need to go anywhere for getting paid courses. The websites that are mentioned above provide paid courses and training too so you can just switch from free to paid if you are finding them a good source to learn.


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kiro mousa

Can u write the links for the sites please.

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Present Slide Author

You can find the complete list of courses here Courses

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Present Slide Author

Sure, Although they can be easily found by name as they are very popular. I skipped the links for the same reason.
Only the Python Tricks is a bit tricky to find :D

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Ravi Mali

And yet you didn't provide the link to Python Tricks.

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I linked to the post where all sites are mentioned. Was not able to link Python Tricks. Don't know the reason.