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Discussion on: GitLab Vs Github why would chose one over other

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Alyss 💜

When comparing GitHub with GitLab, Bitbucket, or any other Git platform, there's one quintessential difference.

GitHub is a social platform.

With that frame of reference, asking if you should use GitHub or another-Git-platform is like asking if you should use Twitter or a diary. Both allow you to record your thoughts, but the interaction with others is fundamentally changed.

GitHub offers a product that is mindful of open-source needs and workflows. The product itself is well understood by the developer community because of its ubiquitous presence. In terms of users, GitHub claims 24 million developers working across 67 million repos. In 2016, Evans Data (largely regarded as one of the best developer marketing research firms) estimated 21 million developers worldwide. Realistically, that suggests GitHub users may have more than one account and non-developers may have accounts.

GitLab, on the other hand, is not a social platform nor is it just a Git platform. However, as GitLab has evolved, they have mimicked GitHub in their user experience and workflow. For anyone already familiar with GitHub, GitLab was easy to learn. GitLab has focused heavily on the DevOps toolchain in its entirety by offering what they call "Auto DevOps". With GitLab, you can get:

  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • More extensive features for issue boards

For smaller teams, individual projects, and OSS, price can be a large (if not the most important factor). GitHub offers free public repos as does GitLab. Bitbucket has free private repos as well as build test minutes.

There's definitely even more I could dive into about why people might choose one or the other, but that gives a high level take on the differences.

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Alara Oluwatoyin Joel

Well said

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@Alyss gitlab has also free private repos.

  • bitbucket offers free Unlimited private repos for up to 5 users
  • gitlab offers free unlimited private repos but has no maximal user limit. and 2000 free build minutes.

after the microsoft aquision i would go with gitlab (was going with gitlab already before).

one biiiig plus of gitlab is their transparency. if something goes wrong, they publish nearly every step of their recovery on a public place (status page, twitter and google docs). for me this is much more trustworthy than all the cover up other companies do.