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What were your reasons to shift to Linux OS from a MAC/ Windows OS ?

A lot of my friends have suggested me to shift to Linux operating system due to a lot of privacy advantages and it being developer friendly as well as it being more useful for when we start working in the industry. I am currently using windows operating system and am able to get most of my work done with it. Plus I heard we need to manually install a lot of drivers for our devices for Linux OS which would make it complex for me to get started as a beginner.

I do want to try it though but I am not convinced if I should really switch to it. I would love to know your thoughts/ advantages you felt there were on switching from a MAC/Windows OS to Linux. Also, please suggest some good/ beginner friendly ways to get started with Linux and which was the first Distro you used? I am sure other beginners who are trying to get started with it, will also benefit from this thread!

Thank you if you commented 😃

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I personally prefer Linux simply because it allows control of every aspect of the operating system you can even modify the source code of applications.It allows you to install the desired software only.

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Jan Jacobs

I switched to OSX for its finesse, its stability and its privacy. And now im switching to Linux for its privacy :)

macOS isnt what it used to be, Windows is still what it used to be. So Linux is the only solution :)

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Julio Suarez (Juls Schwartz)

Here on my country many clients have very old hardware, there are no more anti obsolecence than linux, all the old hardware simply works better here. also as a programmer, i only pass time on terminal, no other terminalis better and easy than in linux.

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