Tackle English by training your brain: Exercises

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Solution. Think in English


Start with simple vocabulary.

It's best to start small. So, a good first step to think in individual words.

  • Look around you. What do you see? In your head, try to name each object in your surroundings.

Describe unknown words.

  • Describe objects in your mind, you don't know the words for.

For example, If you couldn't think of the word "Garage", you can say, "The place inside where I put my car" or you can say, "It's next to my house. I keep things there."

  • You can use shorter phrases "It's similar to.." or "It's the opposite of".

Move on to sentences

  • If you're sitting in a park, you can tell yourself things like, "It's such a beautiful day" and "People are playing sports with their friends."

  • Try to put the words together without thinking too much about If It's absolutely correct.

Describe your day

Describe your daily activities. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Describe your day using simple present verb form.

  • Imagine the morning and you can mentally make the plans. And tell the plans to yourself.

Example: When I leave the house, I'm going to get an iced coffee. Then, I'll take a train to class. I'm studying with Paola today. She said she booked a study room at the library for 2 pm.

Think in conversation

  • You are imagining yourself speaking to someone else. You're asking questions and Thinking of replies.

For example, Let's say the imaginary person asks you a question like, "What did you think of the award show last night?" How would you answer? Imagine the conversation and practice in your head.

Take notes

For all of these exercises, there will of course be words and phrases that you don't know. So at some point, you'll need to use a dictionary.

  • Use English to English dictionary.

  • write down 5 new words and phrase each day.

Keep a notebook, help you remember the situation that you needed that word or phrase for.

Practice it daily

  • Do a little every day.

when you're doing it every day, over and over again, little by little, that's the key. Because, when you make things a habit, then it just popup into your mind without thinking.


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