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Open Source tools

Tools that help contributors and maintainers to easily contribute toward the Open Source projects and maintain the projects.


Gitpod is a ready-to-code developer environment automated dev environment for each task. It's a cloud-based development environment that can be run directly from your browser or your Desktop IDE.

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▶️ Sema

Sema's code review tool for maintainers integrated with GitHub. It makes code reviews easy, inclusive, and more structured and standardized.

Also, it provides a dashboard to get an overall report of the reviews.

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It's a full-blown VSCode in your browser, it comes in handy when your PC isn't powerful enough to handle the development of the project due to hardware limitations.

Vs Code

Link -

▶️Good First Issue Finder

Good First Issue finder is a EddieHub's project that helps new open source contributors to find the project's good first issues to kickstart the t world of Open Source.

Link -


➤ "The only repo you need"

Aim: To build a GitHub repo and to bring all Bootcamp tweets and materials in one place, which will help the new learners in the future.

Repo Link 👇 (Don't forget to ⭐ the repo).

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