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How the fuck do you do all these things without turning into a fucking robot?

Perspective and Habits

Perspective: The more productive you get, less you have to work, more time you'll have for personal life and growth. We all have certain professional and personal goals and ambitions. Something that's bigger than us. How to not get in the comfort zone without letting those ambitions die? How can we enjoy life and not punish ourselves for pursuing those ambitions? The answer is Habits.

Habits: The choices we make each moment shape up our life, it takes you in the direction of achieving your bigger goals or opposite of that. There are good choices and bad choices. What's good for you, only you can decide. All I encourage you to do is to have a bigger perspective while thinking that.
Your question has an underlying challenge:

The efforts(mental energy & time) one need to invest to make those good choices is too much. Let's call it "Interesting-Challenge".

Let's solve that.
One big difference in a human and robot is: Emotions
Emotions can be good for us or bad.

  • We feel good when we help others
  • We feel good when we accomplish a challenging task
  • We also feel good while scrolling the fuck out of facebook feed
  • We feel good to go on vacation and do that for the rest of life
  • We feel bad when we don't achieve our goals, personal & professional both

One open secret about emotion is that it helps us make decisions faster. Developing intuition!
We can utilize this to overcome "Interesting-Challenge". How?
By building habits. You will start developing intuition to make the right choices if you can make a habit to be aware and follow the principles I talk about in the post. It's a framework like Django is a framework for building web apps, this is a framework for productivity. It's upto you whether you prefer Django, Nodejs or start building your own framework today.