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Product Designer at Forem (DEV)

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How do you review CSS?

I think that makes sense. I'd also add that sometimes devs ...

Feature update: Markdown toolbar - I give it ⭐⭐⭐ but it is a good start!

First of all, thank you for your feedback. A lot of the thing...

TailwindCSS @apply - the right approach?

I do like this approach!

TailwindCSS @apply - the right approach?

Oh sorry then, maybe I misunderstood your comment initially :...

TailwindCSS @apply - the right approach?

I'm not sure if I agree with this one. I have a codebase that...

TailwindCSS @apply - the right approach?

Oh, I forgot to mention I use SCSS as preprocessor - but that...

TailwindCSS @apply - the right approach?

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: I’m looking specifically at brin...

What was your win this week?

Sir, would you be interested in QA role? I really was happy ...

What's the longest you've ever spent debugging a single bug?

At some point I just decide it's a feature and not a bug anym...

How to Get Sticky and Full-Bleed Elements to Play Well Together


Software contractors and entrepreneurs: Do you have a business entity?

Yeap, I have a sole proprietorship registered in my country o...

What is software? (wrong answers only)

"Did you try turning it off and on again?"

Any reason for not using loading="lazy" attribute?

Then I kinda wonder why loading="lazy" isn't the default beha...

How to handle peer dependencies when developing modules


Safari is word-wrapping the pre tag, creating inappropriate code wrapping.

You reported, I listened. Fix is coming.

Welcoming Emma Lu to the DEV Team!


Two things you can do to improve your DEV home feed

There's "Save" button right next to the input :)

Safari 14 ships webp support. Are we nearing the end of PNG on the web?

🖖's new UI 🔥

Not a feature yet, but it's on the radar.'s new UI 🔥

What do you think? I mean, icons don't need to be extremely l...'s new UI 🔥

Yeap, it's a bug in theme. I'll look into it. PR is waiting ...'s new UI 🔥

We changed the proportions of the layout. The previous layout...'s new UI 🔥

We unfortunately still don't have an ideal solution internall...'s new UI 🔥

Now I can't unsee it either! I think we will now officially...'s new UI 🔥

Heeey, would you mind reporting that on GitHub as issue and a...

Share some frontend resources! - love this tool for optimizi...

Please ELI5: Frameworks vs Libraries vs API

I'm not an expert but I'll try: Framework is like Lego. It...

Revamp your profile's color scheme!

This is so cool! I think it would be nice addition to DEV pro...

Changelog: New Home Feed Styling

That's one thing we wanna address somehow before letting peop...

Changelog: New Home Feed Styling

Cheers, I'll give it a look!

Changelog: New Home Feed Styling

I'll give it a look, thanks!

Changelog: New Home Feed Styling

This is also something we wanna add in the future but previou...

Changelog: New Home Feed Styling

yeap, that's definitely the plan but not sure on the timeline... clone with tailwind CSS

Really cool proof of concept! Tailwind is super powerful, I'v...

What are the hardest parts about working from home?


They did it! Stack overflow has a dark mode!

I'm a bit biased but I highly recommend reading Aaron's blo...

new header, who dis

Yea, I'll take a look if we can improve it a little. In the...

new header, who dis

Yea, to be honest I'm not 100% sold on red for notification...

new header, who dis

Hey, thanks for this thorough analysis! You’re 100% right ab...

new header, who dis

Absolutely yes, its on our todo list👍

Where are we going?

I'll let you know once we have mocks available publicly. Ri...

Where are we going?

That and some other improvements and ideas for feed are on ...

Where are we going?

That's exactly one of the things we're trying to address in...

Bots on DEV?

I hope not!

What was your win this week?

whoa, congrats!!

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

hah this is exactly the plan:)

What was your win this week?

We shipped a project I had a pleasure working on and it was...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

Thanks for reporting, this should now be fixed!

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

We've added new hover styles, should be much more visible n...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

Paweł Ludwiczak ...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

One tiny change we've just delivered is adding subtle divid...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

thanks, on my todo list! expect it to be fixed later today ...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

#til we have pull down to refresh on mobile web 😯😦😧😮😲😵

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

Just posts - it’s for reading experience. Some people prefe...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

Oh sorry, I misunderstood you. Actually that font was alway...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

I hear you. As mentioned in the post - this work is definit...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

Thanks! I’ll take a close look at these issue. Some are def...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

I think you may need to clear your cache or something - bec...

Shipping Home Page Cleanups

This is really good feedback! Thanks a lot! Yea, we gonna s...

Feb. 14, 2020: What did you learn this week?

I've been having some issues with my GIT repo and this is m...

New Machine; New Browser

Oh wow, now I may switch to Firefox too.

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Love that idea!

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Ooooo! "Explore" is a neat idea! Oh wait, isn't that what P...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

I believe that it is better asking for things that "work o...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Oh yea! I'm not sure if this gonna happen very soon but we ...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Decluttering the home page is definitely one of our main go...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

That's very helpful, thanks! And yes, with this post we wa...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Totally agree, the "imperfect" UI and kinda "glitch" style ...

Cool Chrome Dev Tools tricks and tips you might not know about

Oh wow, that's a really useful list! Didn't know about many...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

Hey, I've got more examples like this :d

I just joined the DEV team!

Welcome, Fernando! I'm super pumped about the upcoming mobi...

A new year, with a new DEV adventure!

Wooohoo! Welcome to the team! 💯👋💪🎊🎉🇿🇦

I Just Joined the DEV Team

Whoop whoooop whooooop! Congrats! :)

Welcome Thread - v56

Welcome! It's so great to see more and more designers joini...

Hello, DEV!

Welcome to the team!

A New Year, a New Start: I'm Joining the DEV Team!

Congrats and welcome!!

What was your win this week?

Starting a new job. Here.

The DEV Team Just Got Bigger!

We have big expectations no pressure! :)