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re: Yeah, that'll do it alright. Although, the flip side is that sometimes, the more legacy - the more lucrative! For instance, have you seen how much ...

Of course, but i'm talking about not so old legacy code. for example i had to do some projects on node sass which is fine, but for older projects also had to have ruby sass installed. that's not problem either, but also had projects on various typescript versions, no docker, so changing path variables manually was only option. people were writing features for this projects and they needed me to do some bugfixes on my side here and there and sometimes there was gap of few weeks before i got back on project. I ended up installing and configuring some new software almost every time i worked on them, not to mention that i had to juggle 3 - 6 projects daily. you can get irritated pretty quick when half of day is reconfiguring stuff for 15min of actual work.

i would never prefer money over sanity.

Ah yes, I was only teasing (you should check out what COBOL looks like to see what I mean!)

That is frustrating alright. Sometimes in those situations the people who make the requests don't realise the real cost involve in making the updates - the context switching, environment configuration, focus switching, etc. - I find it sometimes helps to explain to them the real cost in terms of your hours and they may realise these minor 15min updates aren't worth the 2+ hours it takes to make implement them. Either that or they could hold the requests and batch them together so that there is a significant unit of work to be undertaken in one go.

i totally agree with you, but when pm lets client micromanage all the things and when everything task is of urgent importance, there's no room for sanity

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