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Discussion on: Sexism, Racism, Toxic Positivity, and TailwindCSS

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Ivan Pozderac • Edited on

I think its sad to be able to get sad aka 'my day ruined' over such a thing. If you build something there will be haters and that's because it doesn't fit their use cases or whatever the reason.

A lot of people praising the thing doesn't mean it is without flaws. Some people have to have their ego checked and get down on the ground.

Sharing criticism with the world (let's say someone with big number of followers) is just shining the light on the shortcomings of the framework for some use cases. I see nothing wrong in that but I guess Adam does!

It was his opportunity to act classy and to do the next step (address those shortcommings or even to say something like tailwind has its use cases, for everything else there are tons of other options that may be a better suit), but in the end all he did is feeling offended. Being a snowflake can be really toxic.

I read the original article and I agree with it as it was the same reasoning why I didn't used tachyons css on a project several years ago when tailwind didn't exists(conceptually it is the completely same thing).

When I saw Tailwind, first thing that come to my mind was, hey it is tachyons-css again, never knew they rebranded and then I saw it was not the same people!

Those two are similar things, but Tailwind got a lot more attention and I always asked myself why.

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Otto Rask

I guess Tailwind got more attention because the (currently) most popular PHP framework team provided a marketing boost for it from my understanding. And there are loads of framework users on that "mailing list" ready to jump at the next framework that markets itself and the next best thing.

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