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Discussion on: Why you still love using linux?

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Ivan Pozderac • Edited on

I have strongly opinionated preferences about using machines.

If I wanna play games - I play consoles, few of games I have interest or want to play are working on Linux just fine, never cared and never will be 'PC master race'

If I do it for work I work on Mac, I work on hybrid apps so I need to have XCode, been working on it last few years I just love to work on Mac.

Personally I use linux (been using several distros trough the years, currently on ubuntu but before was on mandrake back in the days, also tried arch and ElementaryOs for significant amount of time before)

there are lot of things I don't like while using windows, just remembering it makes me angry and sad at the same time.

  • had to have RAM hog apps like antivirus and firewall
  • had to manage start-up apps as almost everything you install is kinda there
  • had to change global variables frequently because projects used different versions of .net and TS, which is PITA
  • no privacy whatsoever
  • forced updates messed with my settings and reset those on defaults every time, especially ones for automatic updates (what an irony)
  • scheduled tasks appeared out of nowhere like a wild pokemon in the grass, I didn't scheduled a thing in my life but there were some scheduled tasks to send my usage data to MS at certain times every day, at that times CPU is on fire as it hits 100% in 3 seconds, after some struggle to breathe computer freezes for a while then restarts, tries to repeat that scheduled thingy when it is on again - very frustrating

same machine using linux, none of those issues there, works smooth, no lags and no shenanigans so that's why! =D

bear in mind that last time i used windows (it was win10) was somewhere in early 2016, on linux and Mac since then, never looked back, never will