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Discussion on: I switched from software engineering to game development, ask me anything.

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How much Your experience as a software engineer helped you to go through learning game development?
I mean is it a waste of time if you first try to be software engineer and then try game development or it's like you can transit most of your skills with yourself into game development?

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George Marr Ask Me Anything

It's certainly not a waste of time to be a software engineer then switch. When I worked as a software engineer I felt that having the knowledge helped a lot when making the transition. Game development and software engineering are near enough similar, they're both software at the end of the day but they're performing different tasks. In my case it was having to work with models, sound files and a lot more math.

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Pouryakordi • Edited on

so let me take another step! do you actually think it's a valid way to start
even if i already know that i wanted to be a game programmer.
cause i'm college student and i kinda have to learn software engineering principles like about methodologies, databases and... should i take them serious or just pass them and take the numbers and try to learn more related subjects by my own?
Note that i wanted to be PC game programmer.