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Hello World

Hi, DEV! I'm eager to start a blog. It is not only about development for me. English is not my native language and I want to practice it actively. By that I mean writing and speaking. So I've decided to start a blog in English. I plan to write at least 1 post a week. My English is far from perfect and I would LOVE it if you'd left comments and tips on my writing skills.
As I've said earlier, I want to practice speaking, too. In the future I'm thinking about starting a video blog (mostly about development and related stuff). Firstly, I want to find out if I have what it takes by writing. So, please, be welcome to leave a comment.


I'm a Fullstack Developer. At my job I mostly use C# and JS as primary languages. Yet it doesn't feed my curiosity enough so I learn a lot of stuff on my own. Go, Rust, Elixir, graph databases, linear algebra... You name it.
That is the second reason I've decided to write this post. It is easier to learn something by explaining it to someone else. Those words are not mine, but I strongly believe in them. I want to share my knowledge to grow it.

The plan

Firstly, I want to write a series of posts where we (me and you, if you'd like to) will implement full-stack challenges in I would like to start with the second one (the first was finished a long time ago) and go further.

  1. What is Web Development Resources and Community that help you to become a Web Developer by working with Real-life projects and practices. Founded, designed and developed by @thunghiemdinh. You can go and check the site if you want to learn more.
  2. Why The reason is simple. I'm no designer and I have a pretty bad imagination when it comes to creating something new from the ground. The service has great designs for projects and good user stories to get started and then add something new, something "yours" to implementation.
  3. What will I use? I plan to code backend in Go (I'm thinking of Fiber framework). I will use PostgreSQL to store data and React.js for the user interface as I'm already familiar with both of them.
  4. Why don't I try something new? SQL databases are pretty similar to each other and, of course, I will use NoSQL one when I'll see a need for this. And I just really like using React for my frontend code. Maybe I'll try writing some challenges using ReScript later.
  5. Whatever question you have I'll answer. Leave it in the comments section, please.

That's it for now. I would like you to share your opinions in the comments. Thank you.

P.S.: I'll add everything to my GitHub account. There you can find some projects I did earlier. Please, don't judge, I was a newbie back then 😅
P.P.S.: Image's from Pexels.

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Ali Sunjaya

Great post, I want to start dev blog too.

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potyoma Author

Thank you! Good luck with it.

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Burney Hoel

Great job! I look forward to reading your future posts.