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I don't have any problem with software that's provided with freely available source code. Along with Google valiant efforts to enhance open web standards, W3C. Making the web better for everybody, and making those improvements not propriety and licenced but part of the open standards.
I hear the arguments about "browser dominance", however we aren't living in the same time as IE.
IE was a horrible tool, it made propriety changes that benefited nobody but Microsoft. It created it's own standards. Dominated the market; Strategized to make its features only work on IE and IE only work on Windows.
Now our issue is that a browser that's open source developed with open standards has become very (too?) popular, and doesn't run non-standard, propriety, ad blocking functions.
I will be sticking with Chrome until they stop providing improvements to the W3C.
Firefox just isn't keeping up with open efforts to improve the W3C along with often times not meeting the W3C standards, this is why CSS doesn't, didn't, work correctly in Firefox sometimes.
The current state seems like Firefox doesn't want the standards to improve because they aren't on top... Or can't keep up...? Either that or some twisted conspiracy from Microsoft to start fueds between fully open source, open standards browsers then package and force Edge, IE under chromium EEE disguise, browser back into all our lives.


I don’t mean you need just to use Firefox. If so, why we talking about monopoly. I think we need to try different solutions in dev world. Chrome is too popular and a lot of people didn’t tried Firefox or tried a long time ago. We need to give a chance. Personally I am using both Chrome and Firefox as developer


Oh definitely! Firefox is definitely my second used browser!

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