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Well, you're never alone.
My first job was at a big bank as a front-end developer.
My co-workers were: two older and one younger developer. They were all dinosaurs.
The stupid thing was, they knew it and stopped even coding realizing it was "too late for them".
I think this is bullshit because challenge is what pushes us to learn new things, beyond our confort zone.

It was crazy because they "worked" there since 10 years (or more).

So it's better to say 'oh, I might be a dinosaur.. what can I do to change this ? ' than ' oh, I might be a dinosaur.. don't care anymore. '

And yeah, I also have the feeling I'm lost in the tech that is changing very fast. Being a developer means working on it every day and getting out of your confort zone. I found 'frontendmasters' really helpful to keep myself on the best road (for now... I hope).


I think that if you stop caring about what you do, you should find something else to do. I can't imagine these guys at your first job leaving home satisfied and happy after a day's work.

Being challenged and building cool things is what motivates me and makes me leave the office happy. It does not matter if this is React, C++ or HipsterJS 9, embracing something new and building awesomeness with it is what matters.

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