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I work with a lot of people (all different kinds of egos). I have to admit I'm an unsure developer, the one who will never be 100% sure she can do it. But that being said, I believe it's better not to assume you will make it (to the finish line), instead of the opposite.

  • Overconfident people don't like feedbacks (in fact they are secretly unsure about their work) :)
  • Overconfident people never recognize their work isn't good (enough), they always stay proud.
  • Overconfident people often judge other peoples work, by saying 'I can do that, it's easy'. (Never underestimate other peoples work..)

Good balance is

  • when you listen to people feedback (let them talk and listen to every word carefully)
  • when you know that every person has something to teach you
  • when you challenge yourself and agree you've made some mistakes. Then, ask yourself. How can you improve your work ?
  • when you know how many great artists there are in the world (always find true sources of inspirations)

Always stay humble. Be gratefull. Be kind.

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