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7 Trends in Digital Marketing that Every Marketer Have Overlooked

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Digital marketing is changing its marketing trends very rapidly. Now, because of the COVID-19, the trends which overlooked like Email marketing 2.0, influencer marketing, chatbots, etc. are now results-driven concepts of innovative digital marketing trends.

If you want your business to grow and remain competitive in today's internet marketing, you must adapt to the rapidly developing changes in digital marketing.

Due to the rapidly changing marketing technology, it is hard to predict customer behavior. No marketer would have believed that the same old methods will work forever. These strategies will create more brand awareness, generates traffic, attracts leads, and improve sales.

Here are seven growing trends in digital marketing you can utilize for your business growth.

1) Personalization
2) Email Marketing 2.0
3) Conversational Marketing
4) PPC Marketing
5) Influencer Marketing
6) Video Marketing
7) Usage of Chatbots


If you want to progress in these tough situations, you have to personalize your marketing, content, products, emails, and many more.

Let us see some thought-provoking examples of
personalization marketing.

Netflix and Amazon, the movie apps are marketing with their tailored products or movie titles.

EasyJet launched a data-driven email campaign where it used its previous customers' travel history with the airline. These personalized stories narrated will suggest prospects where they can travel next.

The company has sent about 12.5 million unique personalized emails, where they received a 25% higher click-through rate than automated email campaigns.

Email Marketing 2.0:

Email marketing is a golden method of marketing. Once upon a time, businesses used this only online tool to reach customers.

With the change in time, social media has occupied the place of email marketing. Social media made it easy to directly contact the customer face to face on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where they usually started hanging out.

It made many marketers think that email marketing will not help them.

Fortunately, email marketing never fell entirely out of fashion. It has made a giant comeback in this COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the social distancing and work from home, the mails have made its way to come back with the video calling enabling the presentations mode.

Now once again, the demand for the newsletters for the best content from businesses, marketing, and fitness is increasing. Based on the engagements it's creating, the companies want to try the newsletter way.

Conversational Marketing:

Costumers appreciate the efforts if a company gives more importance for conversational marketing. Reaching out directly to them is what people want. When they have a question about your brand, 82% of them expect a quick response from you.

Conversational marketing is a one-to-one digital marketing services strategy, enables real-time communication between marketers and customers.

There are many tools to perform this strategy; they allow brands to meet customers on their terms. There are mobile devices, social platforms, and many others.

The primary goal of this conversational marketing is to improve the user experience with a feedback-driven model driving higher engagement.

PPC Marketing:

As expected, many businesses have found impacted to the pandemic in different ways. Companies planned for PPC marketing appear to be cutting costs where possible until the situation gets back to normal.

The things that changed the PPC campaigns are technical advancements, machine learning, and automation in bid optimization. The advancements in technology made PPC marketing the best-paid marketing tool to develop your business.

ManyB2B companies are facing a challenging time at the moment. Unlike in the past years, the bidding prices are low, depending on the demand for the product. PPC marketing is the result-oriented and low costing marketing strategy at the moment.

Influencer Marketing:

93% of the agencies are using influencer marketing according to a recent survey conducted by the social public. It is high because it brings higher ROI. As many businesses considering influencer marketing, the costs are rising.

The micro influence is increasing in local businesses. The micro-influencers are individuals with a good number of followers on social platforms. The followers of the micro-influencers tend to be highly engaged. Mostly the followers will be from a specific location. And they are very much related and interested in the updates by the micro-influencer it reaches your target audience.

These micro-influencers charge less compared to the influencers. It is the best marking medium for businesses right now.

Video Marketing:

Marketers who learn the skills of creating engaging videos will have an advantage over content-based blog posts.

Videos play a vital role in online marketing. YouTube says that 1 billion hours’ worth videos watched each day. YouTube is one of the video channels that provide video blogging; this means that there are many other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Video blogging or vlogging is the primary tool for influencers to build millions of followers. So, this is one of the best strategies to start your marketing.

Usage of Chatbots:

Research says that more than half of the websites are using a chatbot. Most sites are treating it as an alternative to the contact us forms. The usage of chatbots is increasing day by day because of its superior user experience.

These will be an essential part of digital marketing in 2020. This AI-based technology helps in messaging to your customers or site visitors in real-time, day or night.

Many customers love interacting with these chatbots as they are responding 24/7 and never lose patience. These virtual assistants offer excellent customer service by meeting their expectations and automating repeated tasks.


These are the seven most important digital marketing trends you can't ignore.

In digital marketing, change is a fundamental part of the business. You must keep looking ahead and endeavor to adopt new technologies, tools, and strategies. In the same way, when times are not good, you should also be ready to procure the old marketing tactics to ensure a smooth business run.

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