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Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen

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We created an AI system to replace human software developers

Sorry guy and gals, we just published a new feature in our CRUD generator, and it's basically an AI system that 100% perfectly replaces the human software developer with machine learning algorithms, so you won't be needed anymore at work. Sorry about that, but maybe you could learn how to play the violin ...?

Our software system is 234 billion times more efficient than a human being, and it never produces bugs. Its operating costs are $10 per month, and it can create any software system you can imagine. In fact, it reads the thoughts of the program manager through a human to AI adapter we have patented as US patent 4567.877.799, that works through micro electrical signals, transferred over blue tooth from the PM to the machine, and 2 seconds later it has created your database, your backend, your Angular frontend, in addition to deployed the result to a Raspberry PI of your choosing.

We deeply apologise for the inconvenience, but if you're amongst the 30 million software developers currently dependent upon a job to support your family, your services are no longer required, and you can cash in your last pay check at the front desk. Below are a couple of facts about our system.

  1. It reads the mind of your PM over Blue Tooth
  2. It is 234 billion times faster than a human software developer
  3. It replaces 30 million (human) software developers for an operating cost of $10 per month as of today, but we intend to decrease its operating costs drastically in the near future
  4. Today is 1st of April ... ;)

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Can Mingir • Edited on

5 . We are living in a simulation anyway 😀

polterguy profile image
Thomas Hansen

Hehe, najs one :D

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