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Schwoogle, Open Source AI-based Search Engine

Hi guys, gals, and kittens. I couldn't resist, so I created Schwoogle, an Open Source AI-based Search Engine.


It's got two modes:

  • Queries which will use DuckDuckGo to find top matches, for then to scrape these pages, pass it in to OpenAI's APIs as context, and transform it according to your instructions.
  • Absolute URLs which will scrape the specified URL and use as context, but besides from that is similar to its search mode.

The frontend code is really simple, in fact, below is everything required to wire it up.

(function() {

  // reCAPTCHA site-key.
  const reCaptcha = 'YOUR-RECAPTCHA-SITE-KEY-HERE';

  // Base URL for backend.
  const baseUrl = 'https://YOUR-BASE-URL-HERE';

  // Our SignalR socket connection.
  let ainiro_con = null;

  // Buffer for result from query.
  let ainiroTempContent = '';

   * Function invoked when user performs a search.
   * e is event object.
  function onFormSubmit(e) {

    // Preventing default action.

    // Resetting connection.
    ainiro_con = null;

    // Disabling form elements.
    $('#search_form input, textarea, button').prop('disabled', 'disabled');

    // Hiding output in case this is consecutive query.
    $('#output').css('display', 'none');

    // Resetting result elements.
    ainiroTempContent = '';

    // Fetching gibberish used for our SignalR channel.
      dataType: 'json',
      url: baseUrl + '/magic/system/misc/gibberish',
      data: {
        min: 20,
        max: 20
      success: (data) => connect(data.result),

   * Connects to result SignalR web socket.
   * channel is name of SignalR method invoked from server when new messages are ready.
  function connect(channel) {

    // Creating our connection builder.
    ainiro_con = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder()
      .withUrl(baseUrl + '/sockets', {
        skipNegotiation: true,
        transport: signalR.HttpTransportType.WebSockets,

    // Subscribing to messages passed over channel.
    ainiro_con.on(channel, (msg) => onMessage(JSON.parse(msg)));

    // Starting SignalR connection.
    ainiro_con.start().then(() => sendQuery(channel));

   * Invoked when a query should be sent to server.
  function sendQuery(channel) {

    // Invoking reCAPTCHA.
    grecaptcha.ready(function () {
        .execute(reCaptcha, { action: 'submit' })
        .then(function (token) {

          // Invoking query endpoint.
            dataType: 'json',
            url: baseUrl + '/magic/system/openai/query',
            data: {
              session: channel,
              query: $('#query').val(),
              instruction: $('#instruction').val(),
              recaptcha_response: token,

   * Invoked when server sends us a message.
   * msg is message sent from server as object.
  function onMessage(msg) {

    // Checking type of message.
    if (msg.finished === true) {

      // We're done!

      // Adding the final done message to inform user that we're done with search.
      const tmp = document.createElement('div');
      tmp.className = 'success';
      tmp.innerHTML = 'Done!';
      $('#terminal')[0].scrollTop = $('#terminal')[0].scrollHeight;

    } else if (msg.type === 'system') {

      // System message.
      if ($('#terminal').html() === '') {
        $('#terminal-wrp').css('display', 'block');
      const tmp = document.createElement('div');
      tmp.innerHTML = msg.message;
      $('#terminal')[0].scrollTop = $('#terminal')[0].scrollHeight;

    } else if (msg.message) {

      // Normal content message.
      const converter = new showdown.Converter();
      ainiroTempContent += msg.message;
      const output = $('#output');
      output.css('display', 'block');
      output[0].querySelectorAll('pre code').forEach((el) => {

  // Attaching submit event to form, and associating with callback.
  $('#search_form').on('submit', (event) => onFormSubmit(event));

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It assumes you've got some basic HTML elements on your form which are as follows:

  • query - Text input field being query or URL
  • instruction - Instruction sent to OpenAI
  • terminal-wrp - Wrapper element wrapping "terminal" element
  • terminal - Actual "terminal" element. Check out Schwoogle and perform a search to understand what I mean
  • output - Output element where result from OpenAI is rendered
  • search_form - The search form itself


  • jQuery
  • SignalR
  • ShowdownJS to transform Markdown to HTML
  • HighlightJS to transform code results given by OpenAI

Below is an example of a query I did with it.

Schwoogle query

Feedback deeply appreciated :)

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