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Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen

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Celebrating 10 Million Downloads

We've always been an open source company. Our entire platform is open source, and it gives us great pleasure contributing to our community with free software.

A couple of days ago we rounded 10 million downloads of our NuGet packages. NuGet is Microsoft's repository for open source packages, and as developers in the .Net ecosystem, it's our primary tool for sharing and consuming open source software binaries.

The Corner Stone of Open Source Software

NuGet has in total 400 million downloads. Basic math therefor dictates that our platform is responsible for 2.5% of all downloads of .Net based open source software packages. In case you missed the point ...

A small startup from Norway is responsible for 2.5% of all open source downloads from Microsoft's primary open source package repository for the .Net ecosystem

The last time I checked, roughly 27% of all developers world wide are using .Net. Multplying 2.5% by 0.27 implies AINIRO.IO is responsible for 0.68% of all open source downloads world wide. There are roughly 28 million software developers in the world today. A guesstimate would be that 98% of these are using open source software somehow, implying AINIRO.IO is literally one of the corner stones of the software development world, an industry responsible for moving 700 billion dollars in 2024.

A tiny little startup from the boonies of Norway and Cyprus is responsible for 0.68% of all open source downloads world wide

15 Minutes of Fame

The reasons for the above figures of course, was that our CTO wrote an article for Microsoft some few years ago about Hyperlambda. The article was originally published in MSDN Magazine, but later moved to Microsoft's primary root domain and learning portal.

When the article was published, it rapidly broke all records, and became the 5th most read article Microsoft had ever published. Today the article is a bit dated, and if you're interested in learning Hyperlambda, you're much better off reading its official documentation.


It doesn't matter what size you are. If you're a little bit creative, you can easily go head to toe with the software development titans of the world. At AINIRO.IO for instance we probably have more downloads of our .Net based open source binaries than even titans such as Amazon, Google, IBM, and Facebook. Probably only Microsoft themselves have more downloads of their binaries than us. And today we celebrate that fact. Today we celebrate 10 million downloads of our packages. Quite an achievement if you ask me 🥳

Let us know if you want "the largest little titan in the world" to help you out with some AI, because numbers don't lie - Even though we're tiny, we're still literally one of the largest and most important open source software companies in the world as of today 😁

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