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A guided tour through Magic and Hyperlambda

I sat down with Mohsen to teach him some Hyperlambda, such that I hopefully one day soon won't be the smartest guy in the room anymore ... ;)

(I'm joking, Mohsen is amazing, and he is always looking for ways to simplify things, and he is pulling way beyond what anybody could expect of a software developer)

In case you're wondering about my joke. For me "being the smartest guy in the room" is a curse word, simply because it implies you're in the wrong room ;)

Anyways, so me and Mohsen sat down, created a cloudlet, and started pounding at it with some Hyperlambda. Watch the video if you're curious about how we did and what we talked about.

Some of the things we talked about was the relationship between C# and Hyperlambda, and we create a C# Hyperlambda slot. Then we went through the basics of how we're persisting files in our Kubernetes cluster, for then to illustrate how literally everything is a function object in Hyperlambda, including files, and how even files can accept arguments as you "invoke" them, and how files can return values to the caller, just as if they were normal function objects.

This way of courageously choosing your axiom, for then to let everything evolve around your axiom of choice, is the primary reasons why all other programming languages are basically garbage as far as I am concerned. If you want to learn C++ for instance, you've got a list of a bajillion things you'll need to learn before you're even capable of understanding its most basic hello world syntax - While in Hyperlambda, I literally teach the entire syntax of the language in the first 2 minutes of the above video.

From my point of view, C++ is like a teapot with airbags, wings, a combustion engine, 15 different security measures to avoid having toxic liquid pour unto your rug, while all you wanted was some freakin' tea ... :/

No wonder software developers are amongst the most depressed professions in the world, besides from (maybe) undertakers ...

Anyways, if you're curious about Hyperlambda, feel free to watch the above video and follow hands on if you wish ...

As to C++ and OOP, just say no my friend ... ;)

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always I'm surprised with Hyper lambda like first day, Thanks for take your time between a lot of important work you have in day

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Thomas Hansen Author

For you my friend, always :)