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Discussion on: What does your VS Code setup look like?

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That is not a super fair comparison. VS Code is completely free, no paid version for Professional or Enterprise use.

Its like one is a Toyota, but its free, and the other is a Mercedes but you gotta pay for it, lots of people would opt for the free version that does 80% of the paid.

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Allen Miller

If it is just the free part then it is ok, but I see it used more by people in large companies because it is “better”, and I see people spend days configuring, reconfiguring, adding extensions, etc, for stuff that is already there in VS 2019

And all that time is paid time, 70$ to 100$ an hour per person (internal cost), put a week for configurations per project, and this is around 20,000$ or more lost for a team of 7 people, 4 of them developers.

Sometimes the full thing cost is cheaper than the salary / time spent

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I have a C++/C# programming background I have experience in Visual Studio. In my opinion, Visual Studio is an overkill option for web development, it is unnecessary heavy for download, then you open the program and you start to see a lot of options that in my opinion doesn't make sense like debugging tools, debugging!? what JS or node JS? Which browser ? Which framework?

The difference is that web development is evolving very fast, all years we have new tools and I don't want to depend on Microsoft to integrate these new innovations. I prefer to trust the community that's why web developers tweak our IDEs/Editors. All this for free.

About the waster of time doing configurations. You can save your configuration once and share it among multiple users.