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Games based on Voice Recognition

Hi folks!

Last Saturday I was very inspired by Alexa skills using server-side Swift talk organized by Wizeline Vietnam team. Speakers made a demo of how can we use Alex Skill in League of Legends (LoL). This Skill enables a user to retrieve the statistics of the enemy team mid-match using voice-enabled commands.

I went home with an idea of building a game fully based on voice recognition, without any interface. In past I had experience with Google Speech API and Google Translate API, so I decided to try with it.

And of course Go!

I created a PoC open source project to implement a 20 questions game, simple fun game where you should guess a noun by asking a maximum of 20 questions. Question can be answered only with "Yes", "No" and "Don't know". Demo page is located here.

For now I am doing voice recognition using webkit technologies, but I have plans to move it to backend and use Google Speech API. Also in plans I want to support all possible languages using Google Translate API.

Please join a project if you're interested!

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Robert Feliciano • Edited on

Hi Alex, where are you with this project? I am researching the capabilities of speech recognition in gaming. I am not interested in controlling the game with speech but more interested in having users speak and have the game evaluate the speech as correct or incorrect (based on specific situations) and then allowing the user to continue the game. more specific for the educational purpose of having students practice a language with real life situations but in a game environment. (imagine having the task of asking for food in a restaurant in spanish)

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Alex Pliutau Author

Hi Robert,

I stopped after a while. I'm still interested in voice recognition, and now working with Google Assistant / Speech.