Ask me to review your Go code

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Hi Gophers!

On my package main Youtube channel I am doing code reviews of Go packages, CLIs, servers, tests, etc. If you just wrote a small-medium sized Go project and don't afraid to share it, you can send it to me for review.

If it becomes an interesting review I will make a video about it.

Thank you!

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Code reviews are always useful, so here it it, my current pride and joy. (a small language i made to specification of one of my drunk friends)


"totally not pushing a totally refactored nice version of the code on too much coffee right now" xD


Already a follower Alex, looking forward for the videos :D


If you don't mind

I would like to note, this is my beginner project in Go


Hi, Alex!

I'am not sure that it is a medium size project, but, maybe, you will be interested in :)

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