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Discussion on: Remove dangling docker images and stopped containers. Cross platform solution.

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Patrik Kristian

end actually, i think most people would need to install sparrow. (never heard of it)
imho overkill

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Alexey Melezhik Author • Edited
  1. I don't want to install git bash for the sake of running simple script.

  2. My point is that everything that starts as one liner command eventually might turn in more complicated script.

Well, you are fine as long as you create something that is working only for you and your environment.

While idea behind the Sparrow is portable scripts for community which get installed and run without any fuss.

The real benefit of using Sparrow is that you develop script with distribution and maintenance in mind rather then creating one time solutions which only works for you.

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Patrik Kristian

maybe i will check out sparrow someday, doesnt sound bad...

ad 1. if you use git (which you should), you have git-bash already installed

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