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i use git-bash because, um, didnt find better solution so far. as i like bash and like linux feel, but also i am Windows user, so most of time i use git bash inside PHPstorm “Terminal” function- it have tabs, but sometimes it freezes, print crap, and do not support right click copy and some character typing.
When using remote linuxes, KiTTy is my hero :)


Lol. i to love linux and it's termital too. But i have to do some design stuffs with PTS, AI...If else, i rather run only linux on my machine. Dual boot is not what i like so much :((


i get it, i am gamer, so windows rules :D what about using dedicated docker container? did you try?
but if you will be needing less, just use git-bash.. it is good for basic stuff, but unability to install packages is bad, but it gets job done :)

Yes, in window i use git-bash too. It's enough for most of my jobs :D. MS also have ubuntu migrate with an app in Microsoft Store. I'v tried it too, but after a few week, i rather use git-bash. Or install ubuntu as dual-boot OS :))

i tried bash on ubuntu on windows (crappy name) year and half ago and big red flag for me was fact it enforced windows line endings:
bash <some/file/on/host/
returned unexpected \r even file had linux endings is that better now?

Haha. i just tried it when it first release on ms store. Don't know if they'v improve it yet. I'll try it when i have time. :D

okay, i think not (because i know Microsoft) but, if yes... that would. be. great.

Yes, that's be great. :)) Btw, MS bought github. Almost everyone doesn't like it. And i don't really know what github will become in the future :((. Hope they don't mess it up and drop it like they used with other things they'v bought in the past :))

we will see... i just tried Debian on Windows... it is not bad, it has problem with bin/bash shebang, docker cannot be run (so docker for win still needed), i am not sure about portability, propably worse, but whatever... it is interesting

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