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re: Haha, definitely! If you can understand what it does and how it will work, you can use it. But rebasing will always make me shudder ;)

If you habe talent for git, you will get used to it. If not (like most devs), use basic 5 commands and be glad to be glad 😂 :)

Mm, I would say I have a talent for git. This article is based on my experiences training years ago :)

I also have a talent for keeping a comprehensive history... people have preferences, mine is for merge, and it's an informed decision, not one stemming from a lack of talent or experience.

so good for you :) i got into rebase way, at my first job it was this way and it sticks. plus i like linear history :)
and Lucia! never do sudo rm -rf —no-preserve-root unless you want to discart machine. (Scorched earth) 😂

but anyway, nice sum-up

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