Discussion on: Git workflow and my new love of Git alias

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Patrik Kristian

Nice. Hey, give —fixup commits a shot. after while commit messages are like “fixup: fixup: fixup: feature” , but after interactive rebase it is all nice.

Ad aliases: i am not friend of them, i try to use as little as posible of them, because when ine use aliases, it make him forgot command it stands for.
i only use my “git tree” to pretty oneline log and some forcepushes to specified branches
edit: here are my only aliases:

list = log --oneline --decorate -n
tree = log --oneline --decorate --all --graph -n
deploy-dev = push origin HEAD:_dev -f
deploy-prod = push origin HEAD:_prod -f
deploy-both = !git deploy-dev && git deploy-prod

if i should have onyl one, it is tree

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Mario DeLaPaz

I agree, we'll get used to our own environment and then when we use someone else's we forget what the commands stand for.

The ones you listed seem to be the 'basic' aliases you should have to make your work easier.

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Patrik Kristian

Yes! :) exactly...
you are on another computer (your prod server) and you need to do something in git. if you use all heavy aliases, then you just can't do anything, because in fact, you do not know how to git :D :)

yes, listed ones are absolutelly basic for me