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lol... if i will get theese questions, i will berelly answer to the first one... (fulltime developer with 6+ years of experience here) :)


Agreed, I even read two books about patterns, but somehow I can't explain them in conversation and don't remember most part of them.


I feel you. Deep down you do know the concepts and understand them and even know in which situations one pattern is best suited than the other, but you have trouble to explain them verbally or by writing. It's not easy for me to provide answers with such detail in so little time.

Anyway, nice article. :)


Exactly! :) is possible i use majority of these things and i even do not know it :D i am self learner with no formal CS study. So I still have interesting "aha" moments. "This is how binary works? woow", or "Oh, that are pointers! cool" and so on... :D

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