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First Post, what to say...

Yechiel Klaparda
I'm a husband, dad and fullstack web dev. Trying to remember the order all the time. I like getting into new techs, primary frontend or mobile.
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Hello community😃

How's it going?
This is my first post🐣

You might have heard somithing like "to be a really-cool-modern-solid developer you need to be active on the internet and share your thoughts, ideas, open-source code, your pet's pics, etc.." or "get to be known, have a spot"

I'm kind of a shy person, never liked the idea of being exposed or known by a stranger. I don't have a facebook account, only LinkedIn (the best way to get a job) but even there I don't share much about myself exept my experience and projects I've been involved in.

Nevertheless, I might spend hours reading other's posts and reviews and get lots of info from their thoughts and help. I've accomplished many apps integrations and successfull works thanks to the dev community, blogs on the internet and those awesome guys Brad, Gary, Max, Mosh and Ed on youtube.

I guess I have to give back somehow.
So, I cannot promise I'll be a frecuent blogger sharing code and ideas but, I'll start now by sharing this to any other shy dev reading (an anyone else):

Your code is a solution, is the way to accomplish someting and to get it working, is valuable stuff.
And maybe someone else in a far remote place like Argentina is browsing all the web arround loking for that answer.

Be kind and share it.
I'll try and do it myself😅

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