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WOW. I have been thinking about it lately.

This is totally not tech related but "Stephen King's IT", really shaped my life. I used to be a fat boy until I read the book and I realize I was behaving like fat kids does, there is a pattern. I used to wear jackets even on summer just to cover my man-boobs. That was 10 years ago, now I am 12% body fat, with a six pack and doing ultra runs.

“He thought that fat boys were probably only allowed to love pretty girls inside. If he told anyone how he felt (not that he had anyone to tell), that person would probably laugh until he had a heart-attack.”
― Stephen King, It


Wow, that's really great. I recently read a book called "Can't Hurt Me By David Goggins".

Which is a bad ass that I believe is a really good read as well.


Fantastic book. Goggins is one scary dude!

Yeah he is I'm reading living with a seal. It's funny as hell with lot's of swear words.

It's funny as hell with lot's of swear words.

Glad to hear it! I'll give that one a try sometime.

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