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Discussion on: CS Degree vs Programming Bootcamp vs Self-taught

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Alexandre Plennevaux

Great writeup, James! I may add that bootcamps are also a great place to meet fellow people from VERY diverse backgrounds. It brings emotional support when you most need it, as, as you said, it goes extremely fast, and the insecurity of reskilling oneself can be exhilarating at times, and completely frightening at others. Being with a bunch of others in the same situation helps level it up.
What would be a formal ways to assess the quality of different bootcamps ? At BeCode (Belgium -, we use testimonials and we do polls 6 and 12 months after the bootcamp finished to assess how we did at landing jobs. But if there is a formal institution that provides a structured way to help people chose the right bootcamp for them, it would be awesome.

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James Q Quick Author

Thanks so much and totally agreed! Yes, building a strong relationship with your classmates is definitely a perk. Testimonials are nice too, but it's important to remember that testimonials are only used when they are positive lol So, if you can find some other former students to ask, they might give you a more well-rounded answer.